Top Fashion Bloggers of Jaipur – Interview Part 1

Jaipur – “The very first planned city of India and the gateway to India’s very own flamboyant state” is famous for its rich culture, forts, ancient history, and heritage. Also, the fashion of the pink city is hot and as imperial as Jaipur itself.

Fashion bloggers have a perspective, a lot of momentous thoughts, a specific taste, and an amazing method of introducing and communicating style, either visual or composed. At the point when bloggers get super famous, they figure out how to monetize their blogs regarding paid promotions, brand collaborations, and advertisement campaigns.

So, let’s talk about these creative fashion influencers of Jaipur who are Influencing your social media walls with creative fashion sense – in their own words.

The Most Promising Fashion Bloggers of Jaipur – Interview Series – Part 1

1. Dr. Navleen Kaur

Instagram ID – @thatkaurgirl
Venture Insta ID – @mehrooboutique
Followers Count – 30.8K – Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

🌱 Believes in Sustainable Fashion 🌱

The digital sensation who made it big with a swag to follow on, she is a superstar followed by almost 31K followers for their daily dose of fashion and lifestyle inspiration, a dentist by profession, and an entrepreneur by heart, Dr. Navleen is truly ruling over the digital space.

Most Promising Fashion Bloggers of Jaipur - Most Promising Fashion Influencers of Jaipur

Here are her words about her journey and how she made it so big

Start of the Journey

The time seems impeccably amazing when I realize that its been 3 years I am into digital influencing. It all started in 2017, while I was pursuing my internship in 2017, with just a simple thought of creating something informative on social media rather than just uploading a few good images.

So few of my acquaintances suggested starting a blog because I use to be a descriptive kind of person. Even an #OOTD shot had a para of explanation to make a person know exactly how to & from where to get that look.

Hence the journey of fashion blogging started.

Social media, if used smartly, brings in great opportunities to excel in the current digital marketing phase. Now being recalled as a potentially known lifestyle & travel influencer, many opportunities knocked on my door due to my fashion influencing page on Instagram.

The fun part about this is, it’s what I love doing. Creating new things, exploring places, letting my supporters know about it is an easy way out of reaching the audience.

Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers of Jaipur

Future Plans

I would never take creating content as a job because for me it’s my passion, it’s my love. Also, I am working on my own line of products known as “Mehrooboutique” all the natural stone cut jewelry & decor pieces you will find in there. Apart from this, I will be focusing more on the traveling part & will definitely be working more consistently on YouTube.

How Fashion Blogging Has Changed Your Life Over The Years?

It did change me as a person, to be honest. Being an introvert, stepping into a world where you have to talk & communicate with a bunch of strangers, it was a task for me. But it did make me better by every step I took. I feel more confident, encouraged every day to create something exciting & worth learning from. I love how I can invest my time in something I love so much.

Lifestyle Influencers of Jaipur - Fashion Blogger

A Message To Your Fans And Followers

Always, always do what you love. It’s useless to run after glory without doing something to achieve it. And if you planning to jump into this huge digital world, make sure you have your own identity, own aura to give in, instead of copying the ones who are already there.

✨ Be Inspired But Never Be A Copycat ✨

Notable Collaborations

It brings immense pleasure to tell you that I have worked with 50 + good brands, who not only believed in me but I can relate my personality with the brand tag. Also when I was in Lucknow, I got my own 2 huge billboards on the main street of the city. The feeling is unrealistic sometimes, but yes it happened in real.

2. Sonali Singh

Instagram ID – @the__velvet__canyon
Email For Queries –
Follower Base – 15K

💕 An Angel on Earth 💕

A computer engineer by profession, fashionista by heart, and entrepreneur by passion, Sonali is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous fashion and lifestyle influencers of Instagram.

An Angel on Earth - Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers of Jaipur

Start of the Journey

My priority always lies in putting comfort first in whatever I style. I emphasize on blending my style into everything I sport. From pop colors to subtle colors I always focus on curating something which can also be styled by every single beautiful lady out there.

My page focuses on the styles which are edgy and elegant from the outfit to makeup. @the__velvet__canyon is not just a blog for me but is also something that depicts freedom of choice and expression and gradually will lead you towards becoming a #bosslady by adapting pocket-friendly fashion in your lifestyle. The way you carry yourself talks a lot about your personality and my content helps in showing you that path.

An Angel on Earth - Fashion bloggers in Jaipur - Best Bloggers of Jaipur

How Fashion Blogging Has Changed Your Life Over The Years?

Fashion and lifestyle blogging has given my bold choices and has created a platform to channel my voice and reach out to people for good and also influence them in a good way. My motive from the start has always been to help ladies become more independent and fearless and being a fashion blogger helps me in doing that. It has given me enough recognition and respect so that people listen to me and my thoughts. I have started feeling more sense of responsibility now as my every action and choice will make an impact out there.

A Message To Instagram Family

I don’t know how to thank you guys enough for all the love and support you have showered on me which has helped me in reaching where I am and also has strengthened me. Thanks a lot for being an important part of my journey and supporting me in my ups and downs.

An Angel on Earth - Fashion Blogger - Interview

Over the years we have come close enough to become a family which gives me enough confidence to go out and face this challenging world aka jungle to bring you the best version of me. I know many of you are going through hard times but please hold on as there is always sunshine after darkness and I am trying to do best possible from my side to keep you guys enlighten and happy as you all are so important to me. I hope I am doing justice to the position where I am. Thank you so much for all the love and support.

Notable Collaborations

Daniel Wellington, XimiVogue, Sugar Cosmetics, Joker and Witch, Mode Redtape London.

3. Sanskriti Srivastava

Instagram ID – @thequirkydrama
Blog Link –
Followers – 12.8K

🦄 Making Style That Talks And Content i.e Original, And Accessible 🦄

One of the most talented, gorgeous, and hottest fashion bloggers of Jaipur, Sanskriti is pursuing her degree in biotechnology. She started her blog in 2017 and since then she has never looked back.

Sexiest Fashion Blogger in Jaipur

Let’s Hear Sanskriti’s Story in Her Own Words

Start of the Journey

I had to face a lot of hurdles at the beginning but eventually, things turned my way and this amazing journey began. Being into fashion was in my mind deep down but I couldn’t pursue it but blogging was an amazing alternative wherein I can continue my studies and pursue my passion sideways. I always had a very creative mind and was always keen to learn something new which drew me towards becoming a blogger and lastly helped me survive in this industry. I tried my hands of everything from thinking creatively, creating fashion and beauty content, editing pictures, editing videos, and all the other things which helped me grow as a creator.

Hottest Fashion Blogger in Jaipur

Started my blog in the year 2017 and just after writing my first blog post I got a barter collaboration from an Instagram clothing brand which was a huge deal for me at that moment and it would be quite special to me forever. And then after a year, I started influencing on Instagram as well. And it looks all glitters and glamour from the outside but trust me one needs to put on a lot of effort and creativity to be an aspiring blogger/influencer. Also fashion according to me is a language that has to be heard. If someone resonates with your fashion/style it will be heard by them. Also, this language has some alterations, deletions, or additions in the form of style every now and then just like there are vocals added in any other languages. Just like music has the power to speak for some fashion has the power to do so. 💖 someone who really inspired me back then was @aakritirana (one of the best lifestyle bloggers of India)

How Fashion Blogging Has Changed Your Life Over The Years?

Fashion blogging has changed me tremendously. I always wanted to try something different and it gave me the guts and confidence to find my tribe and pursue something different. It made me learn, write, style even more creatively.

Most Gorgeous Fashion Influencer in Jaipur

A Message To Instagram Family

I always cherish my fam♥️ they are the ones who supported me and because of them, I am where I am today💕 I would always want to stay connected with them and give them the best content that they have been seeking out of my blog. A big thanks to them and a virtual hug♥️ for their support and encouragement.

Notable Collaborations

Hilton Hotel, Zoomcar, Parx Women(A Raymond Brand), Kfc India, Clovia, Miniso, Voylla, Multifit Jaipur

4. Nancy Saharia

Instagram ID – @thesniffysecret
Blog –
Followers – 11.8K

🧚 Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go 🧚

Jaipur’s very own dimple girl, Nancy is known for her extremely blissful smile, adorable nature, and charming personality. She is truly redefining the creativity and almost 12k people follow her for their daily dose of fashion. She has a keen interest in fashion couture and re-creating normal objects into creative fashion accessories.

Fashion Blogger with Dimples - Dimple Queen of Jaipur

Let’s Hear Nancy’s Story in Her Own Words

Start of the Journey

I was always in a doubt to start my own personal blog but was always in nervousness but a day I found the courage to start on my own. My blog is all about fashion beauty and traveling and yes I am somebody who has a keen interest in fashion couture and also re-creating ordinary objects into something creatively beautiful. So why not share it? After working so hard for last one year my blog and I have successfully worked with some amazing brands and got to learn so much about this field being an MBA student I was always wondering should I step into this field how will I manage to create content but in the end I followed my passion.

Dimple Queen of Jaipur - Most Famous Fashion Blogger in Jaipur

How Fashion Blogging Has Changed Your Life Over The Years?

Since when I started blogging I was in doubt whether I will be able to survive here or if people will accept me and my content but blogging has changed my life over a year it made me so much confident about myself it made me a self-independent person and it helped me to connect with some amazingly talented people on social media all over the world.

Dimple Queen of Jaipur - Best Fashion Blogger

A Message To Your Fans And Followers

Thank You so much for always supporting me and appreciating my content and my hard work this journey would not have been possible without you guys keep supporting and keep loving.

Notable Collaborations

Mamaearth, Plum, Daniel Wellington, Dominos, Vaseline, Cadbury, Bioderma, Zivame, MyGlamm

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