Interview With The Most Promising Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers – Final Part

Fashion bloggers have a perspective, a lot of momentous thoughts, a specific taste, and an amazing method of introducing and communicating style, either visual or composed. At the point when bloggers get super famous, they figure out how to monetize their blogs regarding paid promotions, brand collaborations, and advertisement campaigns.

So, let’s talk about these creative fashion influencers of Instagram who are Influencing your social media walls with creative fashion sense – in their own words.

Interview With The Most Promising Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers – Final Part

1. Sommya Dhawan

Instagram ID – @sommyadhawan02
Helo – @sommyadhawan
Followers on Insta – 15K
Email –

✨ The Glimmer Girl ✨

Fashion Industry’s very own glimmer girl, Sommya Dhawan is ruling the influencer spectrum like a princess. She is Bold, She is Gorgeous, she is a digital superstar and most importantly she has achieved all of this at the age of 17 only. She has a blended style and doesn’t adhere to a particular pattern or style. The Instagram blogger is a fixture on the fashion scene, and frequently knocks some people’s socks off with her innovative street style looks.

Here Are Her Words About Her Journey And How She Made It Big

Start of the Journey

Sommya – I started influencing almost two years back from now, it all started by having never-ending love for pageants and with a hope  “yes, I might be able to help someone out by making them feel a little more confident about themselves via tutorials & reviews” and I would say it is the pure passion that helped me garner 15000+ followers on Instagram and almost 60000 followers on the helo platform.

Future Plans

Well, I like to keep it a bit mysterious so the interest is always piqued and on that note, my future plans are a mystery for now!

How Fashion Blogging Has Changed Your Life Over The Years?

Honestly, the one thing I am most grateful for is the fact that today I am not afraid to speak up for myself unlike the shy girl next door I once was.

A Message To Your Fans And Followers

Life is way too short to be doing things which do not fulfill until you take a break and follow your heart your future self will thank you for that.

Notable Collaborations

Mama Earth, Lays TrySugar, Purplle, Cadbury, and Pacific Mall


2. Supragya Banthia

Instagram ID – @thegoodvibe25
Venture ID- @craftcafe__
Followers on Insta – 11K
Email –
YouTube – Thegoodvibe 25

Supragya Banthia is absolutely one of the most gorgeous fashion influencers of Instagram. Jaipur’s very own heartthrob girl is an entrepreneur by profession and wishes to open an art gallery in the future.

Let’s Hear Supragya Story in Her Own Words

Start of the Journey

It started with a lot of ups & downs in the beginning and I was not sure of on what path life will take me up to !! I used to get bored sitting at home and had a lot of time so I started a page on Instagram which is into making handmade crafts and named it “Craftcafe” that started running pretty good and I started investing more time in making gifts and selling them.

As I spent more time on Instagram I was fascinated by the blogging industry growing there! I was so indulged seeing people getting more creative and developing a good personality and that gave me the strength to go ahead and let life surprise me !!

I started my own Instagram blogging account and named it “Thegoodvibe25″̩ At that time I wasn’t sure if I could do something good in this field but I tried and started posting new content each day!! And I got a lot of appreciation for that this even boosted me a lot.

I find myself lucky that I started getting good collaborations in just 2 months after I started blogging and my audience started loving it! I also started my youtube channel and got so much love and support on that platform as well! There were a lot of obstacles, family restrictions but I believed in myself and that made me stronger.

It took a lot of my efforts to reach where I am today! Its been 1.5 years since then there’s no looking back. I learn a lot each day and that helps me to grow into a better person ̩


Future Plans

I will take this ahead and keep making different content! Also, I am working very hard in my very own brand @Craftcafe and I wish to open an art gallery very soon

How Fashion Blogging Has Changed Your Life Over The Years?

The very first thing is that it gave me a lot of courage to think, speak & express my views!! It took me out of my comfort zone and to do better each day & to explore a lot of new things! Since then it has been my happy place 💕

A Message To Your Fans And Followers

I want to thank each one of you coz without your constant support this couldn’t have happened! It’s about the passion I am promoting and you guys are an equal part of that passion! This platform means so much to me and I love what I do here🖤 I sincerely thank each one of you who put in effort in Engaging, Supporting, sending DMs, and Love !!

A Big Virtual Hug to All Of You 💕

Notable Collaborations

Mamaearth, Wow skin Science, Mcaffiene, Domino’s, Dot & Key, Spoyll

3. Ritwika Chhajer

Instagram ID – @fashionfrosting_
Blog Link-
Followers on Insta – 10.3K

✨ ʟᴏᴠɪɴɢ ꜰɪᴇʀᴄᴇʟʏ,ꜱᴛᴏᴘᴘɪɴɢ ᴀʟᴏɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴀʏ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏꜱ.✨

Ritwika, one of the most gorgeous and talented fashion influencers of Jaipur is an avid content creator and a digital superstar. Every single outfit that she presents in is snappy to the eyes and can possibly give some outfit goals. The areas of her Instagram pictures are additionally deserving of gratefulness as they give an excellent background to her lovely stances. She claims her style without any limits and you should follow her to get the most stylish tips for OOTDs.

Here are her words about her journey and how she made it so big

Start of the Journey

I never knew that I’ll be able to reach and connect with such a good amount of audience on various digital platforms. I have never planned to become a fashion blogger but destiny had this for me in its secret life cards. I was always inclined towards styling and inspiring people through this.

I was a skinny young girl back in my school time but started working out on my body three years back. Here I am fit and healthy confident of myself and my body most importantly which does so many things for me. I’m proud of myself. Traveling and Reading are what I love the most. I write blogs too. It’s my wish to establish a name popular enough to make my parents proud.

Future Plans

I’ve always been dedicated and honest to my studies and work. I wish to pursue a master’s in Journalism to become a well known and reputable travel journalist one day.

A Message To Your Fans And Followers

I’ve always been dedicated and honest to my studies and work. I wish to pursue a master’s in Journalism to become a well known and reputable travel journalist one day.

A Message To Your Fans And Followers

Whatever I’m today is because of your support. Thank you for connecting with my content and loving it. I promise you all to keep posting with awesome content.’ also never ever put yourself down by what others think of you, believe in yourself, stay positive and things will turn around for you. Just keep doing the hard work.

Love you all.❤️ XOXO

Notable Collaborations

Benton Cosmetics, Somebymi, HeyBud Skincare, Verezzi, Desimode, Body Cupid, Wow Skin Science, Royalry Essentials, MyGlamm, and Missamore

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